SAHELIS Productions is a famous company of post-production, cinema production and audio-visual from Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso - West Africa). Company of production, post-production and executive production of films and documentary. Being in a strong position because of its experience of more than 32 years in audio-visual and film production, the SAHELIS Productions Firm has compelled recognition because of its know-how, among all the African cinema professionals as a reliable, efficient and competent partner. SAHELIS Productions is a company of post-production (postproduction) and cinema production and audiovisual in Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso, West Africa). Established in Ouagadougou, Sahelis Productions counts more than 32 years of experiment. African cinema with Ouagadougou. SAHELIS Productions: Production of African films, audio-visual production in Burkina Faso. Film post-production in Africa, production Africa films. Festival Fespaco Burkina. Surrounded of solids partners in Europe (Paris) and Africa (Ouagadougou), SAHELIS Productions was essential thanks to its know-how near all the professionals of the African cinema like a sure, effective and qualified partner. SAHELIS Productions is specialized in the post-production (post-production), the production, the executive production and the realization of African films. Production cinema burkina. Leader on the market of the cinematographic production in Burkina. Mastering all the steps, from the designing to the implementation of an audio-visual project, SAHELIS Productions can provide to both companies and institutions comprehensive and adapted services. African cinema festival fespaco. Competence and good command in our intervention areas.filmfestival fespaco.By controlling all the stages ranging from designing to implementation of an audio-visual project SAHELIS Productions proposes a set of comprehensive services by intervening in editing or executive editing on: Feature and short films, Documentaries, Commercial films, Institutional films. A passionate and united team, which combines a strong creative potential to the flexibility and conviviality of a small structure is listening to you.Achievements: OUAGA SAGA of Dani Kouyaté, SIA the DREAM OF the PYTHON of Dani Kouyaté. SAHELIS Productions: Cinematographic production in Africa, production Africa cinema. The founders of SAHELIS Productions are: Dani Kouyaté and Issa Traoré de Brahima. African cinema in Burkina. Cinema production with the burkina, production films burkina. For optimal results, a performing material. SAHELIS Productions is equipped with the best tools one can find on the market in order to give to their clients optimal results.Production Africa Cinema. A partner network of excellence. In order to offer its partners a high quality service, SAHELIS Productions has surrounded itself with partners recognized for their seriousness and competences. These include: Production films African cinema Ouagadougou Burkina. Partners: NDK Productions of Idrissa Ouedraogo, Cinécom Productions of Gaston J.M. Kaboré, the Management of National Cinematography (DCN), the National Television of Burkina (TNB), les Productions de la Lanterne. SAHELIS Productions: Film post-production in Burkina, cinematographic production in Burkina Faso. Ouagadougou: Plan and map of Ouagadougou. Audio-visual production, films and documentary in Ouagadougou in Africa. Last update of this page: 09.09.2011
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Welcome to the website of the company SAHELIS Productions!

With over 32 years of experience in the audiovisual and film production, the company SAHEL Productions has imposed itself through its expertise and know-how to all professionals of African cinema and communication as a safe partner, effective and competent.

Dani Kouyaté, co-Manager Sahelis Productions
Dani Kouyaté,
co-Manager Sahelis Productions
Moussa Romba, co-Manager Sahelis Productions
Moussa Romba,
co-Manager Sahelis Productions

By controlling all phases from the design of an audio visual script project SAHELIS Productions is able to offer to both companies and institutions a global and adapted service.