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Background of the SAHELIS Productions Firm  

History of the company SAHELIS Productions

SAHELIS Productions was born from the initiative of three friends: Dani Kouyate, Sekou Traore and Issa Traoré de Brahima. The idea came in 1989 when the three friends were studying film in Paris. They co-directed a short film "Bilakoro", signed by a fictitious author, "TRAKOUTRA" (combination of their three names) and co-produced by a fictitious company "TRAKOUTRA VISIONS".

This beautiful token full complicity gave birth to SAHELIS Productions in 1992 with the arrival of reinforcements of some other friends and a group of promoted filmmakers such as Lacina Ouédraogo and Abdoulaye Dao and a French partner Claude Gilaizeau of the "Productions de la Lanterne" in Paris.

In order to strengthen the bonds of friendship and fraternity among its founding members, the board established a rotating management. The first manager was Sekou Traore (1992-2007), the second co-managers were Dani Kouyaté and Issa Traore de Brahima (2007-2011). Finally in March 2011, the third and current manager is Lacina Ouédraogo.

This collegial management and rotary allowed each of the founding members to bring his experience, his knowledge and expertise to the brghtness of the company. Anything that has allowed SAHELIS Productions to produce or co-produce six feature films, about fifteen short films, twenty documentary films and many commercials.